Home Automation

Home Automation

The explosion of smart, connected devices provide today’s homeowners with more control over their home life experience than ever imagined. Intelligent technologies including cameras, lighting, lighting controls, thermostats, and locks allow users to personalize, protect, and control their homes from any location via smartphones and voice-controlled intelligent assistants like Google and Siri.  Additionally, large investments from powerhouses like Apple, Google, and Amazon (along with traditional electrical manufacturers) has further created an opportunity for consumers to greatly benefit from home automation.

However, this opportunity does create certain complexities and challenges to consumers trying to select from the many types, products, standards, brands, and technology choices they are faced with.  Also, legacy home automation solutions have been proprietary, difficult to use, and less than reliable. This has posed numerous challenges in using, maintaining and updating home automation solutions of the past.

iTrust eliminates the hassle, complexity, and overwhelmingness out of the decision criteria for your home automation needs. Through our deep expertise and in-house testing, we are able to prescribe solutions and products that best meet each homeowner’s needs.  iTrust combines traditional electrical with smart home solutions to create economical, easy to use, and beneficial solutions that the whole family can use and enjoy.

We sell, install, and configure: Smart Doorbells, Locks, Lighting, Light Switches, Garage Door Openers, Thermostats, Video Cameras, Leak Sensors, CO2 Alarms, Water Cutoffs, Irrigation Controls, and other residential IOT devices. Improving home wireless networks coverage is an additional expertise needed for today’s smart & connected homes.

Video Cameras

The days of hackable IP cameras and clunky CCTV systems have finally come to an end.  New cameras come packed with smart features without the security flaws of their predecessors.  Outdoor cameras discern between pets and intruders while indoor cameras notify you when your little one wanders out of bed. […]


What makes smart lighting smart? Light is in everything we do from putting on makeup to eating food. It affects our health, mood, and safety. Proper lighting maximizes usability and enjoyability at every time of day. The best light source that we have is the sky. Why? Because the entire […]

Video Doorbells

Smart doorbells bring a new wave of features that make us wonder how we ever survived without them. With Smart Doorbells, our busy lives don’t need to hinder us from answering the door every time, even while we are out. We can know exactly when the kids made it home […]

Smart Locks

Smart locks have proven their value through added convenience and security.  Smart Locks have many new features including “time-window” technology.  This enables the homeowner to share keypad codes to anyone they choose.  These codes are valid only during customizable set times.  For instance, the housekeeper comes every Wednesday morning from 8:30-10:00.  In […]

Smart Networking Solutions

Our solutions work with your existing modem and any internet provider to deliver a consistently strong signal anywhere you need it. As soon as we set up your system, mesh technology begins to learn from and optimize for your space, devices, and network usage.


We turn the light out as we exit a room and limit the water we use while brushing our teeth in an attempt to conserve both energy and money.  Standard conservation methods don’t get one of the largest sources of waste, our thermostats. Our legacy heating and cooling schedules don’t […]


In the United States, outdoor water use averages over 9 billion gallons per day, mainly for landscape irrigation. Smart irrigation controllers pay for themselves by preventing double watering. If it just rained, is raining, or is about to rain, there is no need to water. On a hot and dry […]

Smart Sensors

Smart sensors add a new level of safety, security, and convenience to a home. They can alert you of problems with lights, cameras, water lines, and HVAC units as well as resolve the issue for you.  Air quality sensors monitor temperature, humidity, and VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are […]


Everyone wants their grass to maintain green throughout the year. The best way to improve the longevity of your grass is to cut less each time you mow. According to SF Gate, “your grass should not be cut shorter than 2 inches throughout the year. Trimming your lawn too short promotes unhealthy growth patterns.