Jim Noll​

Jim Noll​

Jim Noll is an accomplished business leader with over 30 years of sales, marketing and operations expertise with companies including IBM, HP, Bank of America and Mellon. He is a passionate entrepreneur and founded his first business, AlpharettaMoms.Org ten years ago.

With deep expertise in technology and residential renovation, Jim has identified the DIY home automation business as a major challenge for most busy homeowners.

He also saw the market place lacking trustworthy contractors who consistently provided quality results as another major issue facing discerning homeowners.

iTrust Home Services was created to provide superior quality, dependable services with guaranteed client satisfaction in the residential painting, electrical and smart home arenas.

Jim is passionate about applying technology to help homeowners protect, conserve and enjoy one of their largest assets- their homes. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier and Jim has built iTrust to deliver on that promise.

Jim is a GA Lead-Based Renovator via  EPA and GA EPD Renovation, Repair & Painting Certification.  He is also a member of the Georgia Home Builders Association.

He has led, managed and completed many renovation projects encompassing all aspect of permitting, design, building, contracting and finishing.