Our Services

Our Services

iTrust Home Services specializes in intuitive home automation solutions, residential electrical, painting and renovation services to discerning homeowners looking to repair, improve and transform their homes.  We offer high-value products and services that make your home more efficient, comfortable and safe.

Painting and Renovation

iTrust Home Services offers complete interior and exterior painting services, specializing in cabinet refinishing.  We have an in-house design consultant tasked with aiding our clients in achieving their desired look.

Residential Electrical

iTrust Home Services offers all residential electrical services ranging from new outlet installations to whole home electrical work.  We offer partial commercial electrical services, call today for more information.

Smart Home Solutions

iTrust Home Services prescribes solutions best suited for each homeowner and eliminates all hassle out of the decision making process.  We combine traditional electrical and smart home solutions to create economical, easy to use, and beneficial solutions that the whole family can use and enjoy.

Design Services

Onsite design services are provided free of charge for iTrust clients. Our certified designer can assist with improving your home’s aesthetics.