Smart Home Solutions

The explosion of smart, connected devices has provided today’s homeowners with more control over their home life experience than ever imagined. Intelligent technologies including cameras, lighting controls, and locks allow users to personalize, protect, and control their homes from any location.

Trying to select from the many types, products, standards, brands, and technology choices can be overwhelming.  The choices you as a homeowner make when installing smart home products affect your home’s safety, efficiency, and aesthetics.  Through our deep expertise and in-house testing, iTrust Home Services prescribes solutions best suited for each homeowner and eliminates all hassle out of the decision making process.  We combine traditional electrical with smart home solutions to create economical, easy to use, and beneficial solutions that the whole family can use and enjoy.

We sell, install, and configure: Smart Doorbells, Locks, Lighting, Light Switches, Garage Door Openers, Thermostats, Video Cameras, Leak Sensors, CO2 Alarms, Water Cutoffs, Irrigation Controls, and other residential IOT devices. Improving home wireless networks coverage is an additional expertise needed for today’s smart & connected homes.