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  • Motion sensor lights in the bathroom make sure that no germs are spread and cut your electric bill.
  • Automate your lights to come on when you wake up, and turn off when you leave for work.
  • Have the perfect amount of lighting at all times of the day.
Smart Locks

Smart Locks & Smart Garage Doors

  • Stop waiting to unlock the door for the cleaning lady, give her a code that works only when it’s supposed to.
  • Don’t leave work because you left the house unlocked.
Smart Networking Solutions

Smart Networking Solutions

  • Cover your whole home in wifi.
  • Faster, more reliable internet causes less lost time and frustration.


  • Learns your family’s schedule and only runs when needed.
  • Have remote temperature sensors for rooms that are never quite right.
  • Keep on top of servicing alerts and errors with notifications.


  • Save on water bill: don’t water if it has rained, is raining, or will rain.
  • Schedule watering from your phone, tell Siri to hold the water so you don’t get sprayed!
Smart Sensors

Smart Sensors

  • Water sensors can be placed in trouble areas for instant notification of leakage.
  • Motion sensors can tell when you arrive home and set scenes for you.
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  • No more cutting the grass.
  • No more bagging the grass.
  • No more killing the grass.

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