Smart Lighting is easy to use, sanitary, aesthetically pleasing and improves your home efficiency.


Lighting automation is about achieving a home that is aesthetically pleasing all day long.

Lighting is more comprehensive than simply turning on a switch. The hues, temperatures, and intensities of your lighting sway and change what the eye sees. This means that your white kitchen can turn grey when the lighting is updated.

Why does this happen?

Lighting is more complex now than ever. Just from a bulb’s perspective, whether it’s the bulb’s lumens, hues, temperatures, or CRI, the colors you see aren’t set in stone. What are these aspects of lighting? Lumens refer to a unit of brightness a bulb generates. In general, the more lumens a bulb has, the brighter it will be. Seeing how many lumens a bulb creates compared to the wattage required gives consumers a good idea of how efficient that bulb is at converting electricity. ​ Color Temperature affects colors in a different way. Just like Fahrenheit tells you how hot an object is, Kelvin measures the color a light source produces. Kelvin ranges from yellow on the low side, white in the middle and blue on the high side. Incandescents tend to lean towards the yellow spectrum while LEDs and CFLs land farther in the bluish zone.  The CRI, color rendering index, is a score from 1-100 that rates a bulb’s ability to accurately illuminate colors. The CRI score tells you how well you can rely on the bulb to show you your world in the most accurate light.

iTrust Home Services takes these factors into consideration.  That’s why we prescribe paint colors by looking first at the existing lighting in your home. This ensures that the paint color you imagine in your head comes to life in the most accurate way possible.

Energy Efficiency

Throughout the day as natural light floods in through the windows, your lights waste energy on producing light that is overpowered by the sun. Automated lighting dims your lights accordingly throughout the day so your home is equally lit at all times without wasting energy to do so. iTrust Home Services will program your lights to work with your AI assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google, etc.) and train you on commands that give you the most use of your product. This includes customizable commands that you create, simply telling Siri “bye” could turn all of the lights off in your home before you leave.

Ease of Use

There are some things that we just want.
We want to be able to see when we wake up in the morning, the coffee to be hot and ready when we come downstairs, the shades to open when the sun comes up, and for everything to shut off and lock behind us when we leave for work. We want the doors unlocked, the switches flipped and the shades pulled when we arrive back home and when we go to sleep, we want to tell Siri “goodnight” and leave the rest to her.  20 years ago this dream was something out of a SCI-FI movie. In today’s rapidly growing climate, automation is booming and with it, the technological advances that give you what you want. With automated lighting you can be coaxed awake by soft light slowly increasing in intensity, you can step into a lit hallway and walk into a bright kitchen. The lights can turn off behind you as you leave for work and you can pull into a driveway with the floodlights already turned on.


Everyone knows the easiest way to prevent the spread of germs, wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. Unfortunately, our kids (and husbands) don’t always remember this simple task. They then go and touch the most communal object in our home, the light switch. While we haven’t automated hand washing, we can help prevent your family from illness by installing smart motion switches that keep kids’ germs to themselves and their hands off your light switch.


  • Motion sensors:  Motion sensors turn the light off behind you and keep the bathroom exhaust fan running for a customizable time after you leave to diminish odors and humidity in the bathroom.
    • Fan control
    • Lights Automated Dimmer
  • Fan speed control
  • Smart Scheduling:  Smart Scheduling allows you to set your schedule to where the lights go out when you leave and turn on when you arrive home, or turn your chandelier and sconces on at night.
  • Voice Control

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