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Smart Lighting: For Efficiency, Safety and Health

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Smart Home Lighting works well with landscape lighting too.


iTrust Home Services offers you the most up-to-date smart lighting technology for a home that operates more efficiently, provides safety and security and keeps your family healthier.

Smart lighting is just one example of how smart home automation is changing the way that we live. What used to be seen as excessive or extravagant, is now becoming a mainstay in many homes. The reason being is that smart home technology makes life easier, creates a home that is energy efficient and offers unsurpassed safety.


How Smart Lighting Works

smart lighting phone app showing lighted home

Smart lighting works by combining the simplicity of your home lighting with cutting edge technology and AI (artificial intelligence). By integrating switches, sensors, smart lighting fixtures, lamp plugs and smart bulbs, you are able to control your home’s smart lighting through various applications, remotes or voice commands.

Once your smart lighting system is installed, you will be able to use the following features through a phone app or Wi-Fi hub:


  • Program your lights: Use this feature to choose when your lights come on and go off according to your schedule or dusk to dawn.
  • Dimming: You can dim the lights in every room, as needed to set the ambiance or simply save energy.
  • Color changing: Change the hue of your smart lighting just as you would with the dimming feature.
  • Smart Away: You can keep your home well lit while you are away or turn your lights on from wherever you are at in the world.
  • Come home to light: Using Geofencing technology, your phone app will communicate with your smart lighting and turn the lights off when you leave and turn the lights on as you approach your home.
  • Set scenes: Use this smart lighting feature to set scenes like “movie night”, “date night” and “homework”. Then, simply tap your desired scene, or give a verbal command and the lights will dim or turn off to your pre-set levels. With other smart features, you can play movies, music, lower the shades and much more.
  • Using sensors: smart lighting sensors detect when someone has left the room and turns the light off automatically. Smart sensors are perfect for cupboards, closets, kids’ rooms and bathrooms.


Smart Lighting Efficiency

Smart bulb with brain

Smart lighting helps your home become energy efficient by simply setting your desired programs and forgetting about it.

According to Energy.Gov, smart lighting applications alone can save you from 7-27% every month on your power bill. However, adding more smart features, like blinds, shades and fans, can boost your energy savings even higher.


Home Security and Smart Lighting

Well lit home in the dark

Smart lighting adds a layer of security for your home and family by utilizing certain features mentioned above.

Plus, having lights on while you are away and having your home well-lit when you arrive home at night, can protect you and your home from criminal activity.

Additionally, you can add an emergency button to your bedside table that will light your entire home, inside and out, if you feel something is wrong.

Smart Lighting and Your Health

Smart lighting and your health don’t seem as if they go together, but they do. By using smart lighting features such as voice command and smart sensors, you will have no need to touch another light switch in your home. And with cold and flu viruses always going around as well as risks from food contamination in your kitchen, no-touch lighting keeps germs from spreading from surfaces to hands and vice-versa.


What We Offer


At iTrust Home Services, we have taken the dumb out of smart home products, giving you seamless, easy-to-operate, smart lighting integration. Our smart home technician and our in-house designer will listen to your needs and desires and create a personalized idea board that encompasses your wants, plus a financial plan.

Of course, the consultation is completely free and is presented to you with no high-pressure sales tactics.  We want to offer you the best solutions to fulfill your needs and desires while giving you premium products, unsurpassed service and the most beautiful fixtures along with home improvements.

From there, iTrust’s team of professionals will go to work installing your new smart lighting suite of products from two of the most high-quality smart lighting companies available; Caseta and Lutron.  Both companies provide you with a variety of smart switches, sensors, smart lamp plugs, daylight sensors and more.

Most importantly, our smart lighting products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Serena, Sonos, Apple HomeKit, Samsung Smart Things, Carrier, Eco Bee, Honeywell, Logitec, and Xfinity home.

And because our mission is to be the trusted provider of high-value solutions to repair, improve and transform our clients’ homes, we offer superior quality, reliable service and guaranteed satisfaction.  As a result, your home will be are more aesthetically pleasing, efficient, comfortable and safe.


Imagine Your Home with Smart Lighting

Lit kitchen

Imagine being gently awakened by soft light that slowly gets brighter as you get out of bed each morning. Then, you make your way to the kitchen, give a single voice command and the kitchen is bright and ready for you to savor that first cup of coffee while you make breakfast for the kids.  Imagine no lights being left on throughout the house after the kids leave for school due to your smart sensors turning the lights off behind them.

And, with a simple “goodbye”, your entire smart lighting system turns off your lights then turns them back on when you return home after a long day.  No hassle, just seamless technology that saves you time and money.  Are you ready to upgrade your home with smart lighting technology?

We are your premier home improvement, remodeling, and smart home service company serving Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Milton, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Duluth, Norcross, and Peachtree Corners.

Contact us today and experience how smart lighting can dramatically impact your home’s beauty, safety and energy efficiency.


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