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How Smart Switches Make Your Family Healthier

Smart Switches allow no-touch, lights out and keep those germs from spreading for a healthier family.

Smart Switches and Smart Motion Sensors are the solution you need to stop the spread of germs and keep your family healthier. With hands-off, lights off technology, we keep your family from having to touch one of the dirtiest surfaces in your home; the light switches.

Every winter, we prepare for the flu virus by getting a flu shot. But what about the other icky germs that we pick up and spread like the common cold, stomach viruses and strep infections? And most recently, the COVID-19 virus, which has become a pandemic spreading across the world.

Let’s take a look at the ways iTrust Home Services can lower your family’s risk of spreading illnesses with Smart Switches, Smart Motion Sensors and whole home no-touch technology.


The Stats on Germs

How long do germs live on hard surfaces like light switches, countertops and sinks? We went to the germ experts to find out.

  • Common cold virus: 7 days
  • Influenza virus: 24 hours
  • Parainfluenza (croup): 10 hours
  • Salmonella and Campylobacter bacteria (stomach virus): 1-4 hours
  • Difficile bacteria (severe gastrointestinal virus): 5 months
  • Norovirus (severe stomach flu): days to weeks
  • Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria (MRSA): several weeks
  • COVID-19, Coronavirus:  72 hours


Germs that Fight Back

Germ photo compliments of Pixabay
Smart Switches can stop the spread of germs from one of the most-touched surfaces in your home.


Don’t think that regular disinfecting with bleach and sprays will protect you and your family. These super viruses and bacteria strains form their own exoskeletons in order to protect themselves from you and your bottle of bleach. Smart switches are very effective in slowing the spread of these nasty organisms.

Smart Switches for the Germiest Room in Your Home

Kitchens contain the most germs than any other rooms in a home. A nasty bacterium called Coliform, which includes E. Coli and Salmonella, is found at extremely high levels in the kitchen, according to the NSF. From breakfast time to midnight snacks, our kitchen light switches see a great deal of action which is a big reason why smart switches are a fast and easy solution to stop the spread of germs and keep us healthier.


Your Kitchen Needs Smart Switches

iTrust kitchen renovation with Smart Lighting and Smart Switches
Installing Smart Switches in your kitchen, the most germ-infested room in your home, can help stop the spread of colds, influenza and the E Coli bacteria.


iTrust Home Services is ready to help you attack the spread of germs in your kitchen with Smart Switches. Anywhere in your kitchen that has a light switch can be made smart; i.e., the main overhead lights, dining area lights, under-cabinet lighting and even in the pantry.

What are Smart Switches?

Smart Switches turn your kitchen into a no-touch, lights-on and lights-off zone through artificial intelligence (AI) and voice commands. By installing an Apple HomePod, you can easily tell Siri, “Hey Siri, lights on.” Or “ Hey Siri, cupboard light off and cooking lights on.” In addition, you can set your lights to different levels of brightness and change colors on your under-cabinet lighting.

The best part of Smart Switches is that our Smart Home specialist can install multiple switches in a day or less. As a result, you’ll spend less time worrying about scheduling the installation, taking too much time off of work or cleaning up a massive mess. Installation is quick, clean and easy. Contact us now to learn more about Smart Switch and Smart Lighting technology.

Smart Switches and Lighting for the Entire House

You can cut down on the spread of germs even more by using Smart Switches and Automated Lighting throughout your entire home. This removes the risk of spreading illnesses by eliminating the only reason you have to touch a light switch.

With whole home Smart Lighting, you can use your iPhone to schedule times for your lights to come on and off, turn off lights throughout your home with a simple command and protect your family with bedside switches to turn on every light in the house if you sense danger. Plus, the kids will love smart technology so much they will never leave a light on again.

Stopping Germs in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are the second, most germ-infested room of the house. One flush of the toilet releases E. Coli into the air, covering every surface in the room. And, even if you wash your hands, you may still touch contaminated surfaces on your way out, including the light switch. A great solution to stop germs in the bathroom is either Smart Switches and/or Smart Motion Sensors.

Smart Switches and Automated Lighting in the bathroom is a perfect part of a whole home Smart Home package. On the other hand, maybe an entire home automation system isn’t for you. In that case, iTrust Home Services can offer you a solution for your bathroom and other small spaces; Smart Motion Sensors.

What Are Smart Motion Sensors?

Smart Motion Sensors use infrared light and ultrasonic sound waves to detect when a person is in a room or has left the room. Once the sensor detects that you have left the room, the lights turn off. In addition, you can set the bathroom fan to run for a pre-determined amount of time, taking moisture and odor out of the air and cutting down on the chances of mold and mildew growth.

Smart Motion Sensors can be installed in small rooms all over the house such as pantries and closets. Not only does this allow for no-touch lights-off, but it cuts down on the spread of germs and ultimately saves you money.

Combined Technology for a Smarter, Safer Home

Apple Home Pod
The Apple Home Pod is your connection to Smart Switches and Smart features all over your home.


Smart Switches and Smart Motion Sensors will make your life easier, save you money and help in preventing the spread of germs and illness. Now imagine how much easier your life would be with an entire suite of Smart Home services? From Smart Lighting and Leak Detection to Smart Locks and Smart Thermostats, iTrust can bring your home into the 21st century. Contact iTrust today to learn about options we provide in Smart Home technology.