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Smart Irrigation: Saves Water, Money, and Time

Let iTrust’s smart irrigation system help you navigate Georgia’s weather for a beautiful lawn year-round.

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Smart irrigation systems are a fantastic solution for many homeowner’s providing multiple benefits.  Smart irrigation can save time and money while also helping the environment through water conservation.

What is Smart Irrigation?

Smart irrigation is both under and above ground, irrigation and sprinkler systems that automatically water your lawn and gardens.  Rather than the system running on timers, smart irrigation handles a great deal more than simply turning the sprinklers off and on.  The system is managed through a single, easy-to-use app on your phone.

How Does Smart Irrigation Work?

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Smart irrigation works by combining 3 steps.

First, it monitors the soil surrounding the roots of your lawn and gardens to make sure it isn’t too wet or dry.

Secondly, smart irrigation connects to The National Weather Service and retrieves your local weather data on a continuous basis.

Finally, the smart irrigation system takes all of those factors, calculates what your lawn and garden needs and adjusts it’s operations and water output accordingly.


A Beautiful Lawn with Smart Irrigation

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Georgia’s weather can be so unpredictable. According to the US Climate Data website, temperatures and precipitation can vary greatly during the spring and summer months.

For example, the average Georgia temperature ranges from 82 degrees in April to 79 degrees in August with precipitation during the same time ranging from 3.27” to 3.15”.

Unfortunately, weather can be crazy with hot days when it should be cool and drought conditions during the winter. And with your lawn needing 1-1 ½” of water daily, how can you possibly keep up with that?

The answer is simple. By utilizing a smart irrigation system, water output is measured by continuous analysis of the moisture in your soil as well as by every meteorological change in your area. This ensures that you have a healthy lawn and garden, year-round.


iTrust Provides the Solutions for Your Lawn Care Dilemmas

Maintaining a green, healthy lawn and a beautiful garden takes a great deal of work and time. To compound that, trying to figure out when to water, how much to water and if you have over or under-watered can take a lot of guesswork.

iTrust has a solution that removes all of the guesswork from having a perfect lawn and garden during every season; a smart irrigation system. A smart irrigation system takes care of your lawn and gardens, keeping them perfectly hydrated. The system monitors for leaks caused by invasive roots, digging or lawn mower accidents and notifies you immediately. How?

The smart irrigation system is connected to your Wi-Fi and notifies you immediately through the easy-to-use phone app. Thus, you are able to turn off your system so the leak can be repaired. Best yet, you are able to monitor and adjust your smart irrigation system from anywhere; work, home and vacation. This means no more guesswork, wasting water or your precious time.


Imagine the Free Time Smart Irrigation Will Give You

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Installing a smart irrigation system is eco-friendly, saving the environment’s precious resource of water. Plus, it saves you money, potentially slashing your water consumption and alerting you to leaks that could cost you a small fortune and kill your lawn. Finally, a smart irrigation system saves you time…. Time better spent with the people you love, doing the things that you love.

Contact iTrust today and set up a free, no obligation appointment with our smart home tech specialist. And while he’s there, find out how iTrust can assist you in keeping your lawn perfectly manicured with our smart Automower system!