Smart sensors add a new level of safety, security, and convenience to a home. They can alert you of problems with lights, cameras, water lines, and HVAC units as well as resolve the issue for you. 

Air quality sensors monitor temperature, humidity, and VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are compounds that easily become vapors or gasses. These can be released by cooking appliances, heating units, and many consumer products. Smart air quality sensors can be used in kids’ rooms, the kitchen, or outdoors.

Air Monitoring

Smoke Alarms

It is now code to network all smoke alarms together in homes. Most electricians still spend hours tearing drywall and crawling through attics to link clients’ smoke alarms. We, at iTrust, can do it electronically in a fraction of the time and damage. Smart networked alarms stay connected to each other even when your wifi and power go out. Smart networked alarms create their own network, improving reliability.

Smart alarms detect more than smoke, updating safety and convenience. A split spectrum detector knows the difference between fast and slow burning fires. A humidity detector decreases false alarms and notifies you of ventilation problems.

Smart alarms use advanced algorithms to give you a warning when smoke is building but not at critical levels. These can perform monthly self-checks of batteries and speakers. This stops the loud chirping of the alarm due to a dead battery.  Even when you aren’t home, your phone will be notified of issues and you may choose to stop the alarm. You can call the firetruck and let them in remotely with your smart lock… no need for crowbars.  These sensors can be networked with smart thermostats to turn off the HVAC unit when a fire starts.

At iTrust, we are distinguished installers for our domain expertise and electrician code compliance placement.

Alarm Systems

Protecting our family is a fundamental human need. We lock our doors, have big dogs, and install alarm systems. Often, however, we don’t arm the alarm systems because of the hassle. Our conventional systems are hard to tell if they are working, and don’t tell us when they aren’t. We find out if they went off after the emergency, if they were triggered at all.

Smart alarm systems are steps ahead when it comes to security and usability.  These go off when they detect tampering or motion inside.  They exclude irrelevant movement outside while detecting the tampering of doors and windows.  They link with other smart devices and can turn on lights, open shades, and notify you to check your cameras remotely.  Intruders know how long it takes emergency responders to arrive, but they don’t know how long it takes for you to call your neighbor when you get a notification. When paired with cameras you have all the information you need, when you need it. 

Leak Detection

We prevent against fire and theft, but water damage from leaking is the #2 home insurance claim according to the Insurance Journal. It is “dumb” not to catch leaks before it is too late…. introducing smart leak detection. Electronic leak detectors can be placed in common, vulnerable spots and monitor the whole home water system.  These detectors can shut off the main water supply automatically. You get notified of leaks you wouldn’t catch until it is too late.

Home Insurance Claim Lineup:

Motion Lighting

You make like a hot steamy shower, unfortunately mold does too. We can set the exhaust fan to automatically turn off in 15 minutes to dry out a bathroom post-shower and cut the smell.

We all know that kids never flip off light switches, with automation we can’t get your kids to wash their hands, but we can turn the lights on and off for you without touching a switch.

These are great for automatic pantry, garage and closet lights too.


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Ray C
"Professional, trustworthy & top quality work! Jim & crew have my full confidence! Thank you!"
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"So refreshing to have someone arrive on time to the appointment. Electrician was extremely knowledgeable and fixed all of our problems."
"Harley did a great job installing a ceiling fan and recessed lights in my townhome. Got a few estimates, and he was by far the best price i received. Great price and quality work. I will definitely use again in the future."
"iTrust responded to my inquiry immediately, explained the scope of the project, and gave me a very reasonable quote. They sent an installer the next day who did a great job. Fast, knowledgeable, and efficient=very satisfied customers."
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