We turn the light out as we exit a room and limit the water we use while brushing our teeth in an attempt to conserve both energy and money.  Standard conservation methods don’t get one of the largest sources of waste, our thermostats. Our legacy heating and cooling schedules don’t adjust to vacation, school, work, and weather changes, resulting in wasted resources.

Smart thermostats are packed with new smart features that sync with the local weather service for heating and cooling predictability.  Through geofencing, proximity motion sensors learn your family’s schedule and adjust the temperature when you are close to home. Smart thermostats know exactly when to start running so you arrive home to a comfortable temperature without wasting energy.  Remote sensors can be used to prioritize the temperature in the bedroom at night, kitchen in the morning, and living room in the afternoon. Wifi capability adds voice and phone controls from anywhere in the house or the world.  Monthly email reports keep you updated on energy savings and phone notifications keep you on top of filter maintenance, humidity, gas, and electrical issues.

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